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International School of London


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Students carrying a stick together in Forest School

Our Mission

Since 1972, we have established a welcoming and inclusive community. Our diverse cultures and languages drive all our learning experiences. 
We nurture creativity and curiosity to stimulate deep thinking. We foster insight, compassion and resilience to enable us to play a meaningful part in a changing world.

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ISL is on the edge of Gunnersbury Park in West London

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Parent testimonial #6

"We found in ISL a wonderful community, of teachers, staff and students, which really made things smooth and easier. Our children were able to learn so many things, academic and non-academic, and have had the opportunity to share a multicultural environment which has enriched them and us in all possible ways.”


Parent testimonial #7

When we landed at ISL after the huge Beirut blast, extracted from her roots, my daughter was all heavy-hearted. A truly skilled team supported her to make that transition as smooth as possible. Educators, being fully accessible at the school transformed that integration into a learning experience that has matured her significantly." 

Parent Testimonial #3

The program stimulates students to maximize their potential and encourages independent learning in an open-minded environment. It is emotionally and socially nurturing."

ISL Parent

Parent Testimonial #2

It has been a great experience for our son onboarding on ISL, bringing new points of view from a social, academic and cultural point of view. The benefits for him of the IB curriculum are really visible and the sense of belonging since day one have made a difference to his onboarding in a new country, a new school and in a new environment.

ISL Parent

Parent Testimonial #1

Our daughter enrolled in ISL in January 2022 and (even with COVID restrictions in place,) the school did a lot to maintain a high level of support for her transition. She was given a school buddy and a key contact among the teaching staff which made it easier for her to find her place at ISL.” 

ISL Parent 

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Grade 10 visit to Camden Market

Grade 10 Performing Arts visited Camden Market last Thursday to listen to the sounds of this iconic London landmark as it came to life in the morning.  They chose the...

Wellbeing pages - Empathy

In a world where most are only concerned with their own best interests, empathy can be a unique trait that we find in people. However, those who are able to understand the feelings of others are often the ones who experience the most meaningful lives, and most meaningful relationships.

What is empathy?

It’s not just the ability to understand someone’s feelings, but also valuing and respecting the feelings of another person. It means treating others with...

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