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We are a truly international school.

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Our Mission

Since 1972, we have established a welcoming and inclusive community. Our diverse cultures and languages drive all our learning experiences. 
We nurture creativity and curiosity to stimulate deep thinking. We foster insight, compassion and resilience to enable us to play a meaningful part in a changing world.

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ISL is on the edge of Gunnersbury Park in West London

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We are deeply impressed about how quickly you have switched to online schooling. You prepared in time, briefed the students excellently and everything works smoothly. Also, we are very grateful that you have taken the bold decision to move to online schooling, prior to official government measurements."

ISL Parent on Virtual School

Giving a big thank you to teachers and staff. I do think this virtual school is doing a fantastic job! Well done and much appreciated."

ISL Parent on Virtual School

I feel so much support from this school during the online learning, even from being in a different country, you continue to give education to the children. We are getting lots of help. I am so thankful.”

ISL Parent on Virtual  School

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Hired or fired?

In the current unit “Are you what you eat?” and after learning about nutrients in food and what makes up a balanced diet, students played the role of nutritionists and designed a one-day menu for their friends (the client) to meet their UK recommended calorie intake as well as maintaining a balanced amount of required nutrients. 

The client then examines the menu and decides whether to hire or fire the nutritionists who designed the menu for them. This was an extremely fun task and some students expressed that they would consider becoming nutritionists in future to help people eat healthy!

Students are now embarking on a summative assessment called Diet detectives to analyse the diet of one family member, they may come home and ask you...

Grade 5 students explore the design cycle

For the past three and a half weeks, Grade 5 students have been busy exploring the design cycle related to our unit, How We Express Ourselves. Now, the students are walking through the process themselves by creating their own prototypes. These prototypes are inspired by problems or challenges a user may experience in everyday life. Their designs are the students' creative solutions to these problems or challenges either by inventing something new or innovating an existing item. In going through the process, students are...

PYP Research Skills

Welcome back! Our PYP students have had a busy start to their first week back in person. As our Grade 5 students are gearing up toward their exhibitions, our research skills lessons have been focused on learning about citations, plagiarism, and the importance of giving credit when using other people's work.

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