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We are a truly international school.

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Our Mission

Since 1972, we have established a welcoming and inclusive community. Our diverse cultures and languages drive all our learning experiences. 
We nurture creativity and curiosity to stimulate deep thinking. We foster insight, compassion and resilience to enable us to play a meaningful part in a changing world.

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ISL is on the edge of Gunnersbury Park in West London

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We are deeply impressed about how quickly you have switched to online schooling. You prepared in time, briefed the students excellently and everything works smoothly. Also, we are very grateful that you have taken the bold decision to move to online schooling, prior to official government measurements."

ISL Parent on Virtual School

Giving a big thank you to teachers and staff. I do think this virtual school is doing a fantastic job! Well done and much appreciated."

ISL Parent on Virtual School

I feel so much support from this school during the online learning, even from being in a different country, you continue to give education to the children. We are getting lots of help. I am so thankful.”

ISL Parent on Virtual  School

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Grade 6 take action against Carbon Monoxide in Algiers

Every winter, thousands of people die due to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas, that comes from fires when they don’t have enough air supply (oxygen), this is called incomplete combustion. When you breathe carbon monoxide in, it gets into your bloodstream and tricks your body into considering it as oxygen until it is too late! This is because carbon monoxide binds very strongly to the iron atoms in haemoglobin inside red blood cells. The affinity between CO and haemoglobin is 200 times stronger than the affinity between haemoglobin and oxygen. When CO binds to the haemoglobin it cannot be released as quickly as oxygen would be. This causes suffocation as body tissues are not getting any oxygen.    

In countries with prevalent poverty rates or simply corrupt governments, carbon monoxide takes a significantly larger amount of lives each year, especially in the winter months. This is due to many reasons in addition to poverty, such as the lack of awareness amongst people, and the lack of domestic heating regulations.

Grade 6 students decided to take action against this deadly gas! We are using our Science and I&S knowledge, and research to study the roots of the problem and to find ways to raise awareness and conduct research based on carbon monoxide poisoning around the world with a specific focus on Algeria as a case study.  It has come to...

Designing our dream Minecraft house!

In our 'How the World Works' Unit of Inquiry we learnt about the 'Design Cycle'. This week, we transferred this knowledge to our Minecraft lesson to extend our understandings in our 'How We Organise Ourselves' Unit of Inquiry. First, we PLANNED and sketched our ‘Dream Minecraft House’, labelling the materials we planned to use. As well as keeping in mind that it is a volcano-and-flood-safe and strong house. Last week, our Minecraft houses suffered a volcano eruption and then a flood! Then we CREATED our designs in Minecraft. Mr Alberto taught us how to screen record while giving a tour of our houses. Afterwards, we SHARED our designs...

Mondrian Art in Grade 3

In Art, Grade 3W students have been learning about Piet Mondrian. We studied primary colours, lines, and composition to make our own Mondrian-inspired art.

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