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Relocating to London should be an exciting time for any family, but the ongoing success of that transition frequently depends on the support and welcome from the new community. We are proud to have an award winning Transitions Programme designed to ensure our new families settle into their new lives. The ISL Transition Team ensure the continuity and development of the programme.

All members of the ISL community, including the school administration, teachers, students and the Parent Teachers Association (PTA), play an integral role in the transitions process.

Important parts of the Transitions process include an Orientation Day, Family Meet and Greet, Buddy systems and regular workshops looking at living in London, identity and culture and moving on.

ISL organises regular transition workshops for parents, led by school counsellor, Elizabeth Rawson-Jones. Participants get to meet other parents, share experiences of life on the move, learn what to expect at different stages of transition and strategies to help them adjust.

2019-2020 Transitions Workshops



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Please see our Tips for Relocating Families leaflet for a helpful start to your Transition.

Tips for Relocating families London IB Private School

Tips for Relocating families  London IB Private School

Meet the Team

Claudine Hakim

Claudine Hakim London IB Private School

Claudine is the Head of the Transitions Programme for the ISL UK Schools.

Elizabeth Rawson-Jones

Elizbeth Rawson-Jones London IB Private School

Elizabeth is the school Counsellor and Transitions Workshops leader.

Juliette Bolon

Juliette Bolon

Juliette is the Parent Liaison. She is the first point of contact between the PTA and the school Leadership team.

Our Awards

Relocate Award Winner 2014-15

ARP Award Winner London IB Private School

Relocate Awards highly Commended

ISL UK Schools arp awards nomination

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