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International School of London

Higher Education & Careers Guidance

As part of 3-to-1 support at the College, in choosing futures students receive advice and guidance in making well-informed choices about their future education and careers. After initial orientation about where in the world to study, and how different university systems work globally, they then meet individually with a Higher Education guidance counsellor who supports them step by step in researching, shortlisting and applying to universities worldwide.  

They are coached and given access to our online tools designed to suggest bespoke possibilities for future study all over the globe. We use Bridge-U as a platform both for advising students and to manage university applications for some parts of the world. This information technology is always a starting point for a dialogue with the Higher Education guidance counsellor, who is widely experienced with knowledge of universities globally. 

We also enjoy a strong relationship with our alumni, and many of the alumni return to offer mentorship to our students in their fields – so a grade 11 student can meet with an ISL IB Diploma College mentor who has graduated and is now working in an international management consultancy, or as an NHS Physiotherapist, or a Data Scientist… and find out more about their aspiration and dream. 

Our alumni liaison offers students support too with preparing their careers portfolio, with seminars such as writing an application letter or creating your online profile.

 Emphasising your IB strengths

Successful next steps

ISL graduates average 33 points (of a possible 45 points), with 43% of graduates achieving an IB Bilingual Diploma. This is a great achievement and above the worldwide average of 30.

The highest individual score achieved by ISL graduates for the academic year 2023 was 43 out of a possible 45.

These outstanding results meant that all students secured places at their first or second choice universities.



Diploma College student giving a speech

Student Agency

The ISL IB Diploma College 3-to-1 support model has the student as its centre. This indicates not only that student support is personalised, but also that the student is the decision-maker. We build into our programme the expectation that students are equipped to make well-informed, balanced decisions about their learning, their personal development and their futures.