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Individuals & Societies


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Through study of Individuals and Societies (I&S), ISL students develop a critical understanding of human behaviour, and the ways in which societies are organised and function. 

The Individuals and Societies subject group encompasses subjects from the Social Sciences through to Humanities. Students learn to evaluate evidence critically, to analyse for understanding through concepts, and encounter some of the most important theories and ideas in social science. They engage with current issues of global impact, and they explore the historical or behavioural causes of those issues. 

Subjects Offered in I&S

  • Business Management SL/HL 
  • Economics SL/HL 
  • Geography SL/HL 
  • History SL/HL 
  • Psychology SL/HL 
  • Environmental Systems and Societies SL is available as a transdisciplinary subject with Natural Sciences. 

ISL graduates go on to study at university destinations around the world