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International School of London

Language Acquisition

The additional languages we offer are French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.  

Other languages are possible on special request. 

The Languages B develops the ability to communicate effectively across a range of languages and cultural settings, as well as enabling the student to develop a deeper understanding for the general nature and structure of languages.

Learning an additional language also supports the development of critical thinking and reflection of one’s own personal identity.

Additional Languages
Mandarin Chinese
Diploma College Japanese Class

Language A (Home Language)

The development of a student’s Home Language / Mother Tongue is key to their social and academic development, as well as maintaining links with family and ensuring a wide range of academic and economic future possibilities.  

Academic English

The Academic English Programme works with DP students for whom English is not their dominant/strongest academic language.  Specialist teachers work closely with language demands of the programme  to meet the English language acquisition needs of the students. 

Everyday conversational language is acquired relatively quickly with students usually able to feel part of classroom and integrate socially in their first years of English learning. More complex academic language takes longer to develop.  The Academic English Programme aims to build a solid foundation in English, while encouraging transfer of meaning from a student’s home language / mother tongue.