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International School of London

University Destinations

IB programmes are designed to provide not only a qualification, but also the mindset and skills for lifelong learning. At ISL IB Diploma College, we support students in making informed choices about future pathways in education and beyond.

In addition to group orientation during tutor time, each student meets with a Higher Education guidance counsellor regularly throughout the two years, learning how to research options, put together their applications and then apply. This process is informed by assessment data gathered each semester from assignments and from internal ‘mock’ examinations that provide an authentic picture of the student’s likely final attainment.

Our Alumni Community is an invaluable asset in this process, and students are offered individual mentoring with ISL alumni who are already at university or even working in the student’s dream career.

We are proud of our outcomes, where each year close to 100% of our students gain admission to their first choice university, whether in the UK or elsewhere. Graduating with an IB Diploma from ISL IB Diploma College is a passport to a global future.



A Selection of ISL IB Diploma College Graduate University Destinations for Recent Years:


Graduating Class 2021-22 Highlights

The IB Diploma retains its gold standard status with universities worldwide, and our graduating class have been successful in being accepted by a wide range of highly competitive universities to read for demanding and exciting degrees. Some highlights to note are: 

100% of our students applying through UCAS gained admittance to their first choice of university (their 'firm' choices) after the results were finalised, including world class institutions such as UCL, King's College London and Queen Mary, University of London, with none needing to fall back on their insurance choices. 

Overseas, we also had acceptances at such highly ranked universities as Toronto, Waseda (Tokyo), Leiden (The Netherlands) and The Royal Technical Institute of Sweden. We are pleased to report all our students have succeeded in finding appropriate directions for beyond the IBDP and are embarking on courses best suited to their interests and aptitudes. 



Careers Guidance

As part of 3-to-1 support at the College, in choosing futures students receive advice and guidance in making well-informed choices about their future education and careers. After initial orientation about where in the world to study, and how different university systems work globally, they then meet individually with a Higher Education guidance counsellor who supports them step by step in researching, shortlisting and applying to universities worldwide.  

Student Agency

The ISL IB Diploma College 3-to-1 support model has the student as its centre. This indicates not only that student support is personalised, but also that the student is the decision-maker. We build into our programme the expectation that students are equipped to make well-informed, balanced decisions about their learning, their personal development and their futures.



Our students remain key members of the ISL community even long after they have graduated.

Through our Alumni Programme, we continue to support ISL alumni in the next phase of their journey into further education and their careers, as well as keep them connected with the school, their teachers and fellow ISL students.