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International School of London


The DP trips programme is full of inspiring expeditions to bring out the best in our students. There is a strong team building element, bringing the close Diploma College community even closer, encouraging and strengthening essential life, social and academic skills for the next stage of their learning journey, higher education, careers and beyond.

Trips give our students the chance to take away more than just fantastic memories; most trips have a strong Service Learning component in line with the values of our School. 


Working with our Traveleyes partner, this experience provides a culminating Service Learning experience exclusive to Grade 11 & 12 students.

This expedition represents a highly enriching CAS and TOK experience that meets many of the IBDP Core curriculum objectives. Most importantly, it develops and nourishes the type of young people we wish to send out into the world, engaged as compassionate, astute and lifelong learners. in 2019, our journey to Greece explored ancient wonders from the might of Alexander’s Macedonian Empire to the holy sites of Meteor’s monasteries. Rather uniquely, students were sighted guides for a group of visually impaired travellers who are unable to see the incredible sites we uncover - a genuine responsibility. A trip to Greece would be otherwise inaccessible to our blind travellers and, along the way, students build a picture of what they are looking at for their VIP companions. 

Model United Nations

MUN is a popular activity for those interested in learning more about how the UN operates. Diploma College students take part every year at all educational levels. Many of today’s leaders in law, government, business and the arts – including at the UN itself – participated in MUN as student. 

Grade 12 Biology Trip, Hampton Court, London

Grade 11 Residential Trip, Howtown, Cumbria