Our Learning Approach

Personalised Learning

High Quality Learning at ISL

At ISL, high quality learning is defined by the degree to which our students have the opportunity to explore their passions, develop their own questions and are challenged in their thinking.

We value the unique experiences of every individual as the foundation of learning.

We nurture curiosity and deep thinking through creative exploration, dialogue and questioning.

We encourage active engagement with real world problems, as we believe the young are capable of bringing about change for the better.


Intercultural Learning at ISL

ISL is committed to an education that celebrates diversity. Our understanding of the world is enriched by thoughtful exploration of multiple perspectives.

We understand that our identity is dynamic and central to all teaching and learning.

We give all members of our community the means to share cultural experiences in and beyond the classroom.

We recognise that languages result from collective experience and are central to the appreciation of world views.

We believe our intercultural values contribute to a spirit of solidarity and have the power to transform society.


Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Our goal in the PYP is to create happy engaged learners in every aspect of their school life, from the academic, arts and sports, through to the social and after-school activities. Our dynamic, inquiry-based, student-centred learning environment supports students to make connections between their existing knowledge and new learning in order to understand how the world works. We aim to support students to become confident, caring, internationally-minded communicators and lifelong learners. Students are actively engaged in the learning process, asking questions and reflecting on their own skills and understandings in order to achieve their learning goals.


Middle Years Programme (MYP)

At ISL we are proud of the exciting and challenging learning environment we provide for students in grades 6 – 10. We place tremendous emphasis on the individual, and encourage a strong sense of international mindedness. We inspire all students to explore their passions and develop their own questions. We support all students with their diverse learning needs and are committed to both English language and mother-tongue language development.

The academic curriculum and pastoral support are designed to provide a seamless opportunity for middle school students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes essential for successful entry into the next stage of their education.

Teams of teachers and administrators work together to provide the expertise and support needed to help each student fulfill their potential. A focus on curiosity and deep thinking gives students opportunities to develop a growing awareness of themselves and others, as they explore real-world issues.

We strive to empower our students by celebrating their stories, worth and purpose in and beyond the classroom. We provide enriching educational experiences through exploration of multiple perspectives and intercultural values.


Diploma Programme (DP)

The IB Diploma Programme is internationally recognised as a high quality preparation for university and life beyond. It combines breadth of study with depth in specialisation through six subjects, three of which are studied at Higher Level. Through compulsory core components students construct their own understanding of subject knowledge (Theory of Knowledge), carry out university-level research for an inquiry of their own design (Extended Essay) and enrich their academic learning through experience (Creativity, Activity, Service).

At ISL, our programme begins by understanding the potential of the student as an individual learner, wherever they may come from. The programme then supports them through personalised dialogue with teachers as experienced guides such that they develop into well informed, independently minded decision-makers. To this end students receive personalised academic mentoring from a tutor team, individual care for wellbeing, and knowledgeable counselling for continued education at university level.

We see the ISL IB Diploma College as a meeting place for students from wherever they may come and a departure point for the journey they will map and make together. It is the beginning of a new chapter in their story - a story that our alumni continue to write as they make a difference all around the world.