Multilingualism: at home and in the classroom

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In the Classroom

Secretive Short Stories in Danish

I dansk G.8 er vi gået på jagt efter det hemmelige og det usagte. Vi arbejder med novellen som genre og form og undersøger hvordan der kan skabes mening ved brugen af forskellige literære og stilistiske værktøjer.  Vi leder efter spor og læser mellem linjerne i samlingen af ungdomsnoveller ‘Det du ikke ved’ skrevet af 10 forskellige danske forfattere. 

In Grade 8 Danish Mother Tongue we have embarked on a literary search for the secretive and the untold. We are working with short-stories as genre and form and we are investigating how meaning is shaped by various literary and stylistic devices. We are looking for clues and reading between the lines in the collection of short-stories for young people called ‘What you don’t know’, written by 10 different Danish authors. At the end of the unit the students will write their own short-story, making use of the techniques they have discovered.

Parent Workshops

Raising your Bilingual Child

Raising Your Bilingual Child

These workshops are aimed at parents interested in preserving the family’s mother tongue/home language(s) in an English-speaking environment.

Tips are provided on how to gracefully negotiate the many language issues within a multilingual family, whilst developing both the child’s home language(s) and English language skills.

Workshops are free of charge to ISL parents and members of the local community. Booking is essential.

2019 Workshop Dates:

  • Friday 3rd May 9-11am
  • Friday 7th June 9-11am

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Parent English Class

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