Multilingualism: at home and in the classroom

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In the Classroom

An Italian writer visits ISL

What an opportunity for G6-8 MT Italian students to meet a real writer!  

Gloria Danili was very enthusiastic to have a chat with our students at school. 

She is a young Italian story teller. She started working as author for children’s TV programmes and few years later she has started a collaboration with other creative writers for children. She has published “Tamare Tombe’ e la stella del teatro”, and has started a series of novels with historical background “Blanche”. She lives in London with her family and she has come to talk to our students about the hard job of being a writer! The students definitely enjoyed being involved in unravelling the mystery of the “ten rules of a writer” and applied them to a short story created at that moment. 

Una grande opportunita’ hanno avuto I ragazzi Italiani di G6-8 di incontrare una vera scrittrice di libri! Gloria Danili ha accettato con grande entusiamo di venire a farsi una chiacchierata con I nostri ragazzi a scuola. 

E’ una giovane scrittrice Italiana. Ha incominciato come autrice per programmi televisivi per bambini. In seguito ha iniziato una collaborazione con altri scrittori per bambini e ha pubblicato “Tamara Tombe’ e la stella del teatro”. 

Recentemente ha incominciato una serie di libri a sfondo storico “Blanche”. 

Vive a Londra ed e’ venuta a spiegare un po’ il “duro mestiere dello scrittore”. I ragazzi si sono divertiti molto a risolvere con lei il mistero delle “dieci regole dello scrittore” e ad applicarle in una storia inventata sul momento.

Parent Workshops

Raising your Bilingual Child

Raising Your Bilingual Child

These workshops are aimed at parents interested in preserving the family’s mother tongue/home language(s) in an English-speaking environment.

Tips are provided on how to gracefully negotiate the many language issues within a multilingual family, whilst developing both the child’s home language(s) and English language skills.

Workshops are free of charge to ISL parents and members of the local community. Booking is essential.

2018-2019 Workshop Dates:

  • Friday, 28th Sept 9-11am
  • Thursday, 11th Oct 7-9pm
  • Friday, 12th Oct 9-11am
  • Friday, 2nd Nov 9-11am
  • Friday, 23rd Nov 9-11am
  • Friday, 7th Dec 9-11am
  • Friday 25th January 9-11am
  • Friday 15th March 9-11am
  • Friday 3rd May 9-11am
  • Friday 7th June 9-11am
  • Evening workshops can be arranged on request

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