Coding a robot

Coding is now regarded as an essential skill for 21st century learners and is becoming a key component of many curriculum. But what’s the benefit of teaching children as young as Grade 3 how to code?

For starters, basic coding courses in schools provide students with the know-how to develop their own websites, apps and computer software. But coding education can also be beneficial for students who aren’t necessarily interested in pursuing computer programming, but would like to gain a better understanding of technology and how it is shaping our world.

At its most basic, learning how to code is learning to tell machines what to do. But this requires the mastery of a problem-solving skill known as computational thinking, which involves breaking larger tasks into a logical sequence of smaller steps, diagnosing errors and coming up with new approaches when necessary.

Our IB education philosophy is based on inquiry and the students are at the very centre of everything we do. ISL continuously develops in order to give students the tools needed to solve challenges that haven’t even emerged yet.

Here are the Lego Robotics/Coding Club students, starting on their coding journey!

Coding club Lego Robotics
Coding Club Binary Bots
Coding Club Sphero ball
Coding Club Lego Robotics