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How Virtual Learning is going for ISL families

"I feel so much support from this school during the online learning, even from being in a different country, you continue to give education to the children. We are getting lots of help. I am so thankful

I think the school is giving an outstanding support.

"Giving a big thank you to teachers and staff. I do think this virtual school is doing a fantastic job! Well done and much appreciated

"I just wanted to take a minute to say that I am truly amazed by your work. I am working at home and in the meantime helping my son with his studies so I have a much closer eye on his studies than I have had in the last couple of months. I think that you are inspiring, you give them interesting tasks, each connected with our world as it is today. You are teaching not only the mandatory technical stuff, but help them to connect our complex world." 

“Many, many congratulations on how you are handling the situation!”

“We are deeply impressed about how quickly you have switched to online schooling. You prepared in time, briefed the students excellently and everything works smoothly. Also, we are very grateful that you have taken the bold decision to move to online schooling, prior to official government measurements.”

“A big, big THANK YOU!”

"Thank ISL staff and teachers for creating this opportunity for our children and for not procrastinating in this moment. We had a blast today and looking forward to many more.”

"My child loved the Mother Tongue class because the class was live."

“I do believe this is a good option to overcome the crisis.”

“MYP first classes ran smoothly. I must say that I am very impressed with the school.”

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Testimonials by Diploma Students

Testimonials by ISL Parents

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