Taking care of our physical wellbeing

Staying physically active is a key part of keeping well whilst at home. ISL have a number of initiatives to help our community keep active and balanced during virtual school. These include exercise classes led by our PE team, a relaxation and stretching session run by an in-house expert, and a wide range of Arts, Crafts or Gardening projects to follow.

In addition, we have now made our scheduled physical clubs available to anyone to join. Please follow the links below to join our live (London time) Boxing, Yogalates or Relaxation classes.

Live Classes

Virtual Learning Wellbeing Yoga
Man meditating - mindfulness

Looking after our minds

Mental health and wellness should be on parity with our physical health during virtual school and beyond. Taking time to relax, unwind and address any anxieties we may be feeling is incredibly important to our wellbeing. From active relaxation sessions, breathing techniques and hints and tips for finding mindful balance, there are a number of classes and resources here to help. 


Follow our Councellor's guide to:

Relaxation Exercise

How to help Children

How to deal with COVID-19 anxiety

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How are we dealing with confinement

Fitness with PE Teacher Mr Elliot

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