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International School of London


ISL promotes multilingualism as a fundamental element of intercultural understanding and international-mindedness.

In line with our ethos, our Languages Programme is carefully designed to meet the diverse language needs of all our students.

Within the Middle Years Programme, all students take three languages as part of the curriculum. The options are tailored around the students’ personal language portraits (home languages and previous schooling languages). 

Language Option 1
*Home Language / Mother Tongue

*Note that some language options will come at an additional cost, depending on the class size. 

Language Option 2
English Language & Literature
English Language Acquisition
Language Option 3
Language Acquisition (French, Spanish or Mandarin)
Or English Language Learning (for students who are new to English) 
Or *Home Language / Mother Tongue  
Example Image 27
Japanese student making a poster with Japanese letters

Home Language / Mother Tongue

The development of a student’s Home Language/Mother Tongue is key to their social and academic development, as well as maintaining links with family and ensuring a wide range of academic and economic future possibilities.

Language Acquisition

MYP students are given the opportunity to acquire an additional language, in addition to English and Home Language / Mother Tongue. The additional languages we offer are French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

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Chinese Language Acquisition students learning how to write in Chinese

English Language Learning

The ELL Programme works with MYP students for whom English is not their dominant/strongest academic language. ELL teachers work closely with subject teachers (Maths, Science, Individuals & Societies, Design, Arts, PE) to meet the English language acquisition needs of the students.

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English for Academic Purposes students visit to the National Gallery