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Across the Globe
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An International Education

ISL is proud of providing a safe and engaging learning environment where students in Grades 6-10 actively learn and challenge themselves.

The ISL Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a concept-based curriculum that promotes student inquiry, as well as helps students develop personal strengths, success skills and a sense of responsibility in their community.  

Interdisciplinary Approach

When we engage in real world problems, we use knowledge and skills from a range of disciplines. To mirror this authentic experience, we take an interdisciplinary approach which allows our students to make connections between ideas and concepts across different disciplines.

Through interdisciplinary learning, our students consolidate learning by synthesising ideas from many perspectives and consider alternative ways of acquiring knowledge, which can lead to greater creativity.

The MYP teaches students to learn to think critically and creatively. This is done through studying disciplines in eight subject groups. 

  • Language and Literature

We understand our students’ diverse language profiles and the importance of literacy in learning. Our students use language as a vehicle for thought, creativity, reflection, learning, self-expression, analysis and social interaction, while exploring a diverse range of literature from different cultures

  • Language Acquisition 

Multilingualism is at the heart of an international education and we value the multilingual nature of our student body. We don’t only teach language, but we instil a passion for learning language and a respect for other cultures.

  • Individual and Societies

Individuals and Societies encompasses elements from Humanities and Social Sciences. Our project-based approach encourages students to understand and respect their world around them by inquiring into different factors - economic, geographical, cultural, historical, psychological and philosophical - that affect individuals, societies, and the environment.

  • Mathematics 

Our personalised and highly contextualised approach to Mathematics means that our students can confidently apply their Mathematical knowledge to real life problems. Our students feel safe to learn from their mistakes and are challenged in their thinking.

  • Sciences 

Our Science programme includes Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Our students do not only learn Science, but also “do” Science in well-equipped laboratories. We nurture creativity, curiosity and deep critical thinking to solve issues faced by humans and the environment.

  • Physical and Health Education 

Our Physical and Health Education programme is certainly beyond the physical movement! Our students are actively involved in multiple roles in a range of sports. We understand the importance of our physical and mental health.

  • Arts

Our Arts programme comprises Performing Arts (Music and Drama) and Visual Arts. Our students explore ways in which they express their stories and passions with creativity. Performing Arts encourages our students to be curious, confident, and original. Visual Arts promotes multiple perspectives and creativity.

  • Design 

We are certainly active learners in Design! Our students engage in real world problems and devise creative solutions. Our personalised approach in Design allows our students to take their own learning journey. Our Design programme is completely project-based and underpins the school-wide project-based learning approach.

Through the Sciences and Maths, students design their own testable hypotheses. Our language programmes equip students with skills of multilingualism, intercultural mindedness and confident communication.

The Individuals and Societies programme helps students develop the critical and analytics capacity to engage with information purposefully and responsibly. Arts and Design enable students to master creative processes, prioritising the stages of production rather than the final product.

Finally, the importance of decision-making and collaboration are cultivated in the Physical and Health Education programme, which enables students to make decisions beneficial to themselves and the communities in which they live. 


Danish students presenting at UNESCO Mother Languages Day


ISL promotes multilingualism as a fundamental part of increasing intercultural understanding and international-mindedness. In line with our ethos, our language programmes are carefully designed to meet the diverse language needs of all our students.
The IB Learner Profile

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) learner profile describes a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success.

They imply a commitment to help all members of the school community learn to respect themselves, others and the world around them.


At ISL London we do not only learn Science, we “do” Science!

With well-equipped laboratories and very experienced multilingual educators, we put inquiry and research in the heart of the Science curriculum using structured inquiry inspired by the MYP Sciences framework.

Visual Arts & Performing Arts

Our Visual Arts and Performing Arts programme is designed to support our vision by celebrating the stories and worth of every child.


At ISL, we believe that studying mathematics should be more than simply learning formulae or rules. Our MYP mathematics programme is tailored to the needs of students, seeking to intrigue and motivate them to want to learn its principles.