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The International School of London Research Institute is an innovative initiative that gives interested middle school students the opportunity to conduct original academic research. Each project focuses on languages and multilingualism, a key area of strength and expertise within our school community. Students work collaboratively on a Research Question of their choice, supported by Research Facilitators and an Academic Mentor. The last cohort presented their findings on fluency and language loss to academics and researchers at the ECIS MLIE Conference in London, March 2019.  

Meet the Team

Students playing drums in iPad and recording on the computer


Digital Music

Digital technology is a key component of the Music programme and is used from Grade 6 upwards for investigation, skills development, composition, musical arrangement, reflection and related assessment. 

Online studio and live performances of the highest quality are identified for investigation and skill development. Students can also explore more niche musical styles from around the world. 

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Current Research Project

The current cohort of researchers are working on a project to find out how students are socialised into multilingualism at ISL. 

The aims of the Research Institute are as follows: 

·         To give middle school students the opportunity to conduct original research 

·         To equip students with higher level research skills and academic rigour 

·         To use academic researchers within the process as role models and mentors who will bring expert knowledge and enthusiasm for the research process 

·         To introduce literature of a higher level than students would usually expect to read and analyse 

·         To develop further links and connections with universities 

·         To promote interdisciplinary and collaborative working 

·         To prepare students for the demands of the DP and undergraduate study 

·         To share the practices of the Research Institute with other schools by working collaboratively and by both students and staff sharing ideas at conferences and other professional forums. 

The long-term aim is to work across all areas of the curriculum and build a culture of original and rigorous research across the middle school. 

Award Nomination

The ISL Research Institute team have been nominated for their exceptional work as part of the ICS International School Awards.