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Learning Science  

At ISL London we do not only learn Science, we “do” Science!

With well-equipped laboratories and very experienced multilingual educators, we put inquiry and research in the heart of the Science curriculum using structured inquiry inspired by the MYP Sciences framework.

We aim to nurture creativity, curiosity and deep critical thinking to solve issues faced by humans, taking into account the connection with world factors such as the environment, the economy, politics, culture, ethics and morals. We encourage authentic curriculum linked Service learning and empower students to take action in their immediate environment and community.


At ISL, we believe that:

  • Science must be approached in various angles in a fun and engaging manner to provide students with a holistic approach to the subject. This includes observation, experimentation and research.
  • Science offers a golden opportunity to students to practice various ATL skills and strengthen their language skills.
  • Students will appreciate the importance of Science and enjoy investigations when they find the connection with real life experiences.
  • Students can do well in Science and become responsible adults when they explore the impact of their actions on the world we live in.
  • Students will do well when working independently and collaboratively.
  • Every student regardless of their language background is able to flourish and excel at Science given the correct support and personalised learning strategies.
Students playing drums in iPad and recording on the computer


Digital Music

Digital technology is a key component of the Music programme and is used from Grade 6 upwards for investigation, skills development, composition, musical arrangement, reflection and related assessment. 

Online studio and live performances of the highest quality are identified for investigation and skill development. Students can also explore more niche musical styles from around the world. 

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Our Mission in Science

  • Offer every student the opportunity to explore scientific concepts and acquire subject based theoretical and practical skills and key transferable skills that will allow them to be successful in their future learning and career.
  • Encourage self-evaluation and deep reflection and accepting that making mistakes is part of effective learning.
  • Encourage students to investigate Science by formulating their own inquiry questions and testable hypotheses to everyday problems and finding answers to those questions through experimentation and research. An example is the G7 Science Fair and the G8 Genius Hour.
  • Personalise learning for our students taking into account various needs and learning styles.