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International School of London

Visual Arts & Performing Arts


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Our Visual Arts and Performing Arts programme is designed to support our vision by celebrating the stories and worth of every child.All students find a meaningful way to participate that showcases their talents. Performances are regularly devised by the students so that true creativity is nurtured.

We tap into the rich cultural experiences of our children, and performances often feature several languages. We integrate drama, design and music into our productions.

Highlights include our Festival of Lights in the winter (an intercultural extravaganza), Celebration of the Arts in the summer, regular concerts, and a number of performance opportunities in the park.

Drama and music are taught as distinct subjects, and there are separate performance opportunities in each subject.      

Students are offered private singing and instrumental music tuition. At the end of each term there is a special performance for students attending peripatetic lessons.

Music lessons are offered in the following instruments:

Drums Guitar Piano
Bass Ukulele Violin
Trumpet Cornet Saxophone
Clarinet Flute Recorded

Virtual Winter Concert 2020

The Virtual MYP Art & Design Showcase

Creativity has of course continued at ISL over 2020-21, providing students with an opportunity to get hands on and active in so many different ways.

This year, we once again welcome you to view their challenge-busting creative efforts through our online gallery showcase. Well done to all of our students who have taken part in The Virtual MYP Arts & Design Showcase! 

View Here

Digital Music

Digital technology is a key component of the Music programme and is used from Grade 6 upwards for investigation, skills development, composition, musical arrangement, reflection and related assessment. Online studio and live performances of the highest quality are identified for investigation and skill development.

Students can also explore more niche musical styles from around the world. Programmes such as GarageBand – using the school’s banks of iPads and electronic keyboards - are used for understanding the key elements of music, developing technical musical skills, for composition and music arrangement, either individually or collaboratively. 

Students access the Adobe Creative Cloud, particularly Adobe Premier Pro, for creating music videos for use in virtual performances and galleries. Work is stored and shared online with e-process journals.  

Music Students Perform From Home During Virtual School

Visual Arts

At ISL, budding artists embark upon a creative learning journey by studying a range of skill-based units of inquiry that allow for a personalised and imaginative outcome. They learn to work from a broad range of materials and investigate different techniques in a series of open-ended projects. Whether they are making a mythical beast out of clay or wax, or a self-portrait using digital collage with glue and personal objects, we welcome you to explore your artistic nature.

We especially enjoy experimenting with materials, and reflective learning through the experience of making art. Students exhibit their work in an end-of-year Arts & Design MYP Exhibition, where all their creative energies are shared, where they display and curate their own work - and their achievements are celebrated.

Drama at ISL London is also well established and very popular among students, with many productions throughout the school year. 

ISTA Drama Festival

Festival of Lights