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International School of London

Community Engagement

Engaging with our local and international communities is an integral and inspiring part of the ISL experience that empowers our students to make a positive difference on campus, in their community, and beyond in service of others.

Local Community Project - Ealing

MYP students organised a 'Festive Jumper Day' to raise money for local charities.

International Community Project - India

MYP students hold a series of events to raise funds to support poverty-relief projects in India.

Home Language / Mother Tongue

The development of a student’s Home Language/Mother Tongue is key to their social and academic development, as well as maintaining links with family and ensuring a wide range of academic and economic future possibilities.

Residential Trips

The Residential Trips Programme in the MYP gives students the chance to make fantastic memories; the students bond with their peers and become more motivated, engaged and enthusiastic back in the classroom.

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