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International School of London

Intercultural Environment

At ISL, students are part of an environment with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. We believe this creates a rewarding and fulfilling personal experience, with students learning to embrace diversity and tolerance.

Being part of an environment with people of different backgrounds prepares our students to live and work in a society that embraces individuals’ differences while finding common ground.

Our student population is mirrored in our faculty, with staff from over 50 different countries. Our intercultural classrooms encourage students to think differently and support students in building empathy as they take part in this diverse world.

Over 60 Student Nationalities

Across the Globe

Home Language / Mother Tongue

ISL promotes multilingualism as a fundamental part of increasing intercultural understanding and international-mindedness. In line with our ethos, our language programmes are carefully designed to meet the diverse language needs of all our students.

Community Engagement - MYP students bringing warm clothes donation to Acton Homeless Concern

Community Engagement

Service learning is an integral and inspiring part of the ISL experience that empowers our students to make a positive difference on campus, in their community, and beyond. 

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