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International School of London


The International School of London trips are packed full of inspiring adventures to bring out the best in our students.

We build confidence in our students to try challenges in new environments, increase engagement back in the classroom, encourage and strengthen team building and develop essential life skills for the next stage of their learning journey.

Trips give our students the chance to take away more than just fantastic memories; students bond with their peers and become more motivated, engaged and enthusiastic. The trips instil self-confidence and a sense of achievement through a positive experience which is educational and enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. Most ISL trips have a strong Service Learning component in line with the values of our School.

Ski Trip

The Ski Trip provides Grade 6-11 students with the opportunity to learn a new skill, or hone an existing one, in a breath-taking mountainous environment. Skiing is incredibly good for you and this trip provides students with a chance to take a mental break and relax with friends in the mountains of Italy. At the village of Prato Nevoso, the trip is run and organised by ISL staff who also love skiing and snowboarding. Students may also wish to practice their Italian during this very popular and enjoyable trip.


The action packed trip to Iceland provides students with the opportunity to explore the amazing island and the many enriching connections to the Individuals & Societies, Sciences and Arts curriculum.

Iceland offers a unique opportunity to see many natural wonders, including glaciers, waterfalls, geysers, and the rift between tectonic plate boundaries. Students learn first-hand about volcanoes and the ancient Viking civilisation. They develop new perspectives on sustainability and well-being, in seeing how Icelanders use their natural resources to provide heating, power and pure enjoyment of their country’s spectacular beauty.



The incredible India trip is the culmination of the India Project; a Service Learning initiative which involves a full preparatory club-based programme that runs through to the time we depart for historical “Jambudvipa”.

Bollywood masterclasses, presentations at assemblies, planning and participating at many fundraising events such as the India Evening, Quiz night and the famous cooking club bake sales are all part of the broader experience.

Enriching times in India encompass a vast range of cultural experiences, including visits to famous sights such as the Taj Mahal, Pushkar’s authentic street markets and Jaipur’s Pink City. As well as this, the trip allows students a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain real insight into the daily lives of the local community as we will be spending time in both Nischay schools for disadvantaged girls, and in the Umang Center for children living with Autism & Cerebral Palsy.


Our Cambodia Project partners with the Tabitha Foundation, a charity doing outstanding work for the residents of rural Cambodia. 

After an enriching pre-trip programme, students travel to help build houses for Cambodian families with charitable funds raised by the ISL community. Our students go into a rural area outside Phnom Penh, learn about what it is like to live in the Cambodian countryside and, through their house building, are able to make a lasting impact on the lives of the families they meet.



Our Namibia Project works with the Oana Team, located in one of the most spectacular areas in the Namibian Deep South, an ecotone of three biomes (Nama Karoo, Succulent Karoo and Namib Desert) broken up by the idyllic and biodiverse rich Orange River.

The aim of this student expedition is to assist Oana to ecologically restore ex hunting/farmland through wildlife conservation initiatives. During their time at the reserve, students will use the most up to date methods to track leopards through the reserve, mist trap and ring many local bird species, set small animal and camera traps, and much more. There are also opportunities for fun, including hiking down the Gaia Canyon to the Orange river, mountain biking, fishing and an evening camping session under the Milky Way next to the Kum Kum rapids. With any conservation effort, cooperation and close ties with the local community is vital - we will be working with local tribespeople to build sand dams and spend time at the local Primary School. 

Residential Trips

The Residential Trips Programme in the MYP gives our students the chance to make fantastic memories; the students bond with their peers and become more motivated, engaged and enthusiastic. Residential trips aim to instil self-confidence and a sense of achievement through a positive experience. 

Grade Trip
Grade 6 Overstrand Hall, Norfolk
Grade 7 Grosvenor Hall, Kent
Grade 8 Isle of Wight
Grade 9 Boughton Woods, Northamptonshire
Grade 10 Swanage, Dorset