£1,907.50 raised for the ISL India Project!

ISL India Project - fundraising dinner

The journey of the transformational experience that is ISL's India field visit really begins with our India Evening Fundraising Evening. Last Friday, we had the pleasure of hosting the 11th India Evening Fundraising Evening, an event which encapsulates all we are trying to achieve in our Service Learning Programme. As you may already know, all the money raised from our India Evening Fundraising Evening goes to the Umang Centre in Jaipur to sponsor children with cerebral palsy, as well as to purchase school items and clothes for the underprivileged children in both Nischay Schools in Jaipur and Pushkar.


During this special evening we had a presentation and workshop from Kuljit Bhamra MBE who is a leading British Indian musician, composer, and producer. Hi wonderful workshop was very memorable, where all of us, including small children, had the opportunity to participate, giving the feeling of a nice family event and inclusiveness. We were so fortunate to have him attend; Kuljit is a renowned tabla player, who performs with musicians across different genres of music, including western classical, folk, and jazz - as well as classical and popular forms of Indian music. He is also one of the key influences in the development of British bhangra, and continues to be at the forefront of promoting awareness of Indian music in the UK. In 2009 Kuljit was awarded an MBE for services to Bhangra and British Asian.

ISL India Project - fundraising dinner

We also had the pleasure of having the classical dancers from The Bhavan Centre: Katrina Rute Ashwini Ojha Balaka Dei Vaishnavi Raghavendar. They performed two inspirational items: the first one was called Batu, which is a piece showing the beauty of typical Odissi movements. At the beginning of this dance, the performers imitated playing different musical instruments in a temple - Veena, pakhavaj (drum), flute and manjiras (cymbals). The second dance was called Saweri Pallavi - it also demonstrates the technique of Odissi and it was set in a beautiful raga Saweri. It started slowly and then got faster and faster, demonstrating complicated footwork. In the middle of the item the dancers depicted a girl who was putting on her jewellery, a saree, a flower in her hair before meeting her.


Our final highlight of the evening was the Bollywood dance which the students had been rehearsing! Dance is an important way of communicating to the children in India, especially at the Umang Center and the Nischay School where they do not speak English. 

ISL India Project - fundraising dinner bollywood

We also had a lovely India meal cooked by Ms Maya and Mr Karam with the help of the kitchen staff. The students took orders and served the food!


The links with the India Project and Service learning in the curriculum are many, and some students have already chosen to do their personal project on India.


Some students who went last year and enjoyed so much that they enrolled to go again this year!


We very much hoped you have enjoyed this evening, and will come again next year!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents, staff and students to helped to make this event a very successful one. We have raised £1,907.50!




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