A Busy Time Ahead at DP College

It’s been a busy few weeks at the college. Last week many of our Grade 11 students contributed towards the open evening, which attracted just over seventy parents interest in sending their respective children here next academic year. In addition to acting as chaperones and cloakroom attendants, some of our students also led lessons to demonstrate some of the activities and the approach to learning frequently adopted throughout the college.

Continuing the theme of student-led activities, all student government representatives met for the whole day today, Friday, in the Marie Perugia room in Gunnersbury Park. As well as receiving leadership training, the representatives developed plans for ‘community democracy’ with one aim being the creation of a community parliament later in the year, for which all ISL stakeholders (we are hoping) will be either invited or represented to share opinions and policy ideas.

One last example of students supporting students is our Alumni project which we are about to roll out again next term. Our aim is to tap the wealth of knowledge and experience our ex-students have accumulated over the past few years and to share this with our students. Students, alumni and parents will be invited to a networking event in February and Grade 11 students will have the opportunity to be mentored (by ex-students or possibly parents) who have experience or expertise in their area of interest, for university courses or for future careers.

My final comment is reserved for our Grade 12 students who begin their mock exams next week. As is usually the case, nerves are running high for some as they sit the last exams before their final exams in May. In many ways, these exams are more challenging than the final exams as they are crammed into just 8 days and students will have had less chance to revise. We wish all students the best of luck and encourage them to contact us if they have any concerns, be they academic or pastoral.

Exam set up


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