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A celebration of multiculturalism at ISL London

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As a part of our Arabic annual program, we have started the new school year with a Unit 'Identity & Culture where all of our students have investigated, interpreted, and reflected on what 'Identity' means to them individually.

Last Wednesday, the Arabic Mother Tongue Department celebrated ISL's multiculturalism.  The Arabic Department invited over 160 guests to the 6th annual cultural evening. This evening is not only a way to celebrate Arabic culture but also an opportunity to learn about the diversity of the Arabic community at ISL and to taste a variety of delicious traditional Arabic food! 

In line with the goals of the IB Programme, the purpose of the evening was to:

  • Engage with an essential part of the Service Learning & CAS Programme where the students work in collaboration, take initiative, and get involved in different aspects of the evening. 
  • Encourage the students to use their native language and culture, as part of their identity and thus raising awareness of unity and diversity.  
  • Motivate students by using performance as a way to learn a language.

The Arabic Department would like to extend our gratitude for all the support and effort provided by various members of staff, teachers, parents, and students. We would also like to extend a special thanks to the event coordinator, our head of Arabic Mrs. Mona Nassar and her team made up of, Ms. Lina Alshahin (a Syrian professional singer), Ms. Najwa Albanna, and Ms. Lara Captan. Also, a special thank you to all the Arabic families' generosity, in providing delicious food enjoyed by all.








A celebration of multiculturalism at ISL London
  • Languages
  • PYP
A celebration of multiculturalism at ISL London
  • Arabic
  • Mother Tongue
  • PYP