An evening of Solstice Sories

Festival of Lights sign
KG students build a snowman on stage

PYP celebrated the end of term with an evening of Solstice Stories, coming together with friends and family to watch dances and hear songs and instrumental pieces. During the daylight EC felt the snow land while KG built a snowman and threw snowballs at the audience. As night fell we heard bedtime stories of a Icelandic troll and young dragon from G2 and G1. As the fairy lights twinkled above, the PYP chamber choir told us that if we wished upon a star our dreams would come true. In the still of the night we heard Arabic songs about winter and the glimmer of light of Sankta Lucia was followed by the boys of G4 banishing darkness into light. We saw a magician wake up animals in the Grade 3 enchanted forest. Grade 5, who had started the evening with their own setting of the poems of Robert Frost to music finished it with rousing wassail songs and Auld Lang Syne to end an enchanting evening.