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Ancient Greek Day 2023

Across the Globe

Recently G6 students have been on an exciting journey back in time, immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of Ancient Greek civilization. As part of their Human Experience lessons, they explored the intricate connections between the environment, society, belief systems, and social structures of this ancient world. It was a day of celebration and enlightenment as the students gathered, adorned in splendid attire resembling gods, goddesses, heroes, and even the mythical Minotaur. Ancient Greece Day had provided a platform for these budding scholars to showcase their newfound knowledge and enthusiasm.

Their passion was unmistakable as they delved into the symbolism and messages concealed within the myths adorning the Parthenon, a masterpiece that stands as a testament to Athenian power, unity, and the essence of Athenian society. The students embraced the challenge of crafting their own myths, demonstrating a profound understanding of this remarkable civilization. They eagerly performed their imaginative tales in front of their peers, creating a vibrant atmosphere of learning and creativity.


Ancient Greek Day 2023
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Ancient Greek Day 2023
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