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Congratulations to our Grade 10 graduating class of 2019

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On the evening of Friday, June 14th, Grade 10 students, parents, families and teachers celebrated the Grade 10 students’ growth and achievements in the Middle Years Programme. 

ISL G10 Graduation 2019 - Hyun Jung Owen

MYP Coordinator - Hyun Jung Owen

Ms Owen opened the ceremony by thanking the parents, staff members and students who helped organise the event.

Firstly, Mr Parker, the Head of ISL UK schools, spoke of memorable anecdotes that highlight Grade 10 students’ collaboration, which will help our students’ journey through the next steps in the IB Diploma.

ISL G10 Graduation 2019 - Richard Parker

Head of School - Richard Parker

This year’s guest speaker, Mariem (ISL MYP Class of 2018) offered words of reassurance to the soon-to-be DP students by encouraging them to face the upcoming challenges with a positive attitude.

Guest Speaker - Maryem (Grade 11)

Isak, Dina and Saif made a valedictory speech with humour and heartfelt appreciation. We heard the four most valuable things they learned during their time at ISL, how they bonded through diversity and how much they appreciate their subject teachers.

ISL G10 Graduation 2019 - Valedictorians

Valedictorians - Dina, Isak, Saif

The tutors, Mr Slaney and Ms Di Casola, shared their memories of the groups and invited the students to the stage for the certificate of participation/the record of participation.

ISL G10 Graduation 2019 - tutors David Slaney, Veuda di Casola

Grade 10 Tutors - David Slaney, Veuda di Casola

Mr Slaney, the Personal Project Coordinator, granted the Personal Project Awards to Fahad, Chiara and Leticia.

ISL G10 Graduation 2019 - Awards Personal Project

Personal Project Awards - Fahad, Chiara, Leticia

Mr Hull on behalf of Ms Pawel presented the Service Learning Awards to Isak, Leticia and Maciej.

ISL G10 Graduation 2019 - Service Learning Award

Service Learning Awards - Isak, Leticia, Maciej

Ms Foreman presented the Athlete of the Year Awards to Amaarah and Benjamin.

ISL G10 Graduation 2019 - Sports Award

Athlete of the Year Award - Amaarah, Benjamin

The Good Citizen Award went to Benjamin.

The Growth Mindset Award was presented to Chiara.

ISL G10 Graduation 2019 - Awards Mindset + Citizen

Growth Mindset Award - Chiara | Good Citizen Award - Benjamin

As the finale of the ceremony, Saki, Chiara and Maciej played and sang an ABBA song ‘I have a dream’ – just the right song to finish the beautiful evening.

ISL G10 Graduation 2019