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Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS)

Across the Globe

If you were to consider the set of skills you’d like to have when graduating from school, I’m sure that somewhere amongst would be the ability to bring a larger, long-term goal to fruition. A goal that is sufficiently challenging enough to require you to work well with others, displaying both strong communication and leadership skills. A goal that you can take ownership of, planning out every single stage from inception to completion, and tackling any difficulties that arise head-on. The CAS project requires all of these skills from students and is the peak of every IB Diploma student’s CAS portfolio.

The grade 11s were introduced to the requirements of the CAS project at the beginning of January and they have now submitted a broad range of exciting project proposals. CAS combines many of the elements of Service Learning in the MYP and the skills required in the Personal Project. It is important that there is a strong level of student agency in the selection of these projects so that the students feel invested in their goal. The project requires students to work in a group; it must last a minimum of one month and lastly, students must show that they have taken initiative. It can address any or multiple strands of Creativity, Activity and Service.

It looks like grade 11 are off to a good start with the following set of ideas:

  • A community free-standing library for both ISL campuses,
  • A series of fundraising events for the victims of the Grenfell tower fire, including creating a mural, sponsoring a family and working closely with the charity, Justice for Grenfell. One group also hopes to make a series of short films related to Grenfell. Watch this space for an invitation to the premiere!
  • A group of keen computer design students would like to create their design and create their own computer game. Any PYP or MYP students who would be interested in trialling their new product, would I’m sure, be most welcome.
  • An exhibition and day of celebration for the Levant area. This project hopes to educate people about the region as a way to tackle cultural stereotypes.
  • One group would like to work with young children who have felt isolated during the pandemic. They would help to provide some entertainment and offer to teach the children their home languages.
  • Lastly, one group would like to raise awareness about mental health issues by creating a mental health garden in the college. Plants have been shown to help support our mental health, so they are hoping that when we are allowed back in school, that they can make our classrooms a bit greener too.

It’s so nice to hear so many bright ideas when the days can feel a bit dark and gloomy in lockdown number 3. We can’t wait to see the results of all these plans!

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