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Live Storytelling - everyone has a story

Across the Globe

This week, Grade 10 students participated in Live Storytelling as part of the unit ‘From Maus to Night – Personal Histories’. Students prepared a story of their own based on their experience. Storytelling is an important part of humanity. You do not have to write a book to tell your story though! Our students’ live storytelling was moving and entertaining! The rules of Live Storytelling are to speak for 5-6 mins without notes to the audience and to tell a true story about oneself!

Sebastian was encouraged by his cousins in Columbia to go zip-wiring between two mountains. It was terrifying to start with, but he enjoyed this thrilling experience! He is no longer afraid of heights! Jessi told us how her accidental involvement in a music competition has led to her passion for dance. Domas started a small music project with his friend, which created bigger opportunities for him. He now works as a social media marketing person for a professional band! Rapolas went on a trip with his family and unexpectedly went bungee jumping. This terrifying experience helped him overcome his fear of heights. All these stories involve a change!

Everyone has a story! What is yours? 

Students online in Live Storytelling session