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Exploring the genre of movements in portraiture

Philip, Grade 8 Visual Arts - I am not choosing my inspiration by the artist, but rather by the artwork. I choose these two artworks because I liked the vibrant colors that are used in the drawings, and the style that they are made. Although I like the style, I do not think that is will be how I make my final product. I choose these two works because they reflect a sport that I practice: Taekwondo. I like the way that the artist shows the fight scenes in the drawings. This really speaks to me, because I have been in many fights during my time in Taekwondo, and all the clashing colors in the second one portrays the chaos that occurs in the match. The first drawing is in an oriental type style mad with charcoal pencils, and this relates to taekwondo because taekwondo originated in South Korea.

Phillip, Grade 8, demonstrates his taekwondo skills


  • MYP
  • Grade 8
  • MYP
  • Visual Arts