Genius Hour

Grade 8 Genius Hour header

Every year Grade 8 take part in an activity in Science called Genius Hour.  Students are given one hour a week of curriculum time to explore an area of Science that they are interested in.  The aim is to give students some freedom to tailor the curriculum to a specific area of their interest, generate meaningful inquiry questions and encourage student-led research.

We had many projects this year, asking some very interesting questions:

·        Are the dinosaurs in Ark: Survival (computer game) accurate?

·        Is there any scientific basis to horoscopes?

·        What is quantum entanglement and how could it be used?

·        What colour is a mirror?

·        Is there friction in a liquid?

·        What is intelligence, and can it be measured?

·        What do ore’s look like, and is the Minecraft representation accurate?  

Obviously, this year has been fairly disruptive and unfortunately most students were not able to get their projects completed on time.  However, one group did manage to put together a wonderful website.

Kate, Emily and Valeria from grade 8B investigated Alzheimer’s disease and its impact on mental health.  Congratulations on the hard work that was necessary to get this finished on time.

If you would like to visit their website, you can find it HERE.


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