Helping Others and Environmental Issues

This weeks' MYP Assembly had a particular focus on helping others and environmental issues. We heard about how we can help the homeless, with Mr Ian Breen of Acton Homeless Concern, telling us about the organisation's vital work, and how our clothes drive is a real help to the homeless. In a similar vein, our Earth 1 tutor group spoke about how we can contribute to the Ealing Food Bank, as explained in the poster below which they spoke about. Fire 3, coordinated by Ms Dennie, then gave us a very informative and interesting presentation on the pressing environmental challenges we face in the 21st century. It was inspiring to see how engaged Fire 3 were with this subject, and we ended the Assembly with a very clear overview of the challenges that lie ahead for the global community.

Fire 3 Spoof Newsreader
Preventing Climate Change Poster