Investigating the best metal for an efficient and safe saucepan

In the current unit of Science “The material world”, G7 are investigating heat conductivity in metals to determine which metals would be most suitable for making different parts of an all-metal saucepan. Students have been designing this investigation independently in small groups and coming up with creative ideas to measure the heat conductivity of various metals and control the variables of the experiment. This investigation forms part of a criterion B and C summative assessment that assesses students’ ability to formulate a research question, write a testable and justified hypothesis using scientific reasoning, select and manipulate variables, write a detailed risk assessment and method, and submit an equipment list to the technician. Once the experiment is completed and data is carefully collected, students will then write up the second part of their laboratory report in which they represent data in visual forms such as tables and graphs then interpret it using scientific reasoning. They will also evaluate their hypothesis and method based on the results and suggest improvements and extensions.  Students have been studying the structure of the atom and properties of metals and are able to use this knowledge to explain their results. This investigation also forms part of how the Science department aims to embed inquiry based learning and link to service learning showing how scientific knowledge can improve life for humans. 

Grade 7 Science experiments into metals and conductivity