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ISL inter-house music competition 2020

The inaugural ISL Inter-House Music Competition will be taking place virtually this term across ISL in the following classes, and everyone taking part will earn points for their House.


Solo: Individual student performer (unaccompanied or with karaoke/pre-recorded/live instrumental backing from a friend or family member). This covers voice (including rap), instrumental and EDM.

PYP Solo

MYP Solo

DP Solo

Group: group performance (vocal and/or instrumental) - 2-20 students (any grade) or members of staff from the same House.  Students must outnumber staff in any group.  A group member can both sing and play (each track will count as one person). 

PYP Group

MYP Group

DP Group

House Sing: unrestricted number of performers (students/staff) from the same House (this is a mass MYP/PYP joint sing.  Students/staff can provide instrumental accompaniment as an alternative to a karaoke track).



The competition will go live on Monday 18 May. 

The time limit for any piece is 5 minutes.

A student can enter more than once in the solo category if performing on a different instrument (voice/instrument/EDM). 

The solo piece must be recorded in one take (except for electronic music which can be edited) and sent as a video file. 

A student or member of staff can be part of more than one group.

House Groups and House Song must be edited by a member of that House (or a related adult in the case of PYP). The editor does not need to be a member of the performing group. House Music Captains will provide support.  

Performances are to be uploaded (see below) into the correct “House” Channel on Stream, with name and the category you are entering on the video/audio title by:

·       8 June: submission to the House Music Captains for the House Sing

·       15 June: solo and group and the House Music Captains to submit their House Song


Uploading and Participation

Please upload your solo and group performance as follows:

Screenshot for inter house music challenge 1


















Inter house music challenge instructions 2


















Inter house music challenge instructions 3


















Inter house music challenge instructions 4


















For the House Sing:

·       The House Music Captains will select the House Song. 

·       They will announce this to their House through Teams, advise whether they want instrumentalists as well as singers.

·       They will provide a soundtrack.  Please listen to this through headphones and record yourself singing/playing.

·       Send your sound/video recording to your House Music Captain at the address they give you by 8 June. The more entrants, the better to make this a truly ISL House experience. 

House Music Captains can be contacted through House Teams:

Air: Ella and Justin

Earth: Eva and Nolan

Fire: Maya and Charlie

Water: Margherita and Filippo

The House Music Captains will be responsible for submitting the final version of their House Sing entry #ISLstories, #ISLvirtuallearning


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