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Japan Trip 2024 - Update 2

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During this part of the trip there have been more opportunities to delve deeper into Japanese culture and traditions, and to experience a homestay with local families. On Day 4 the group had an early start to catch the ferry for their Zazen meditation session and arrived at a beautiful mountain temple, where they were greeted by a monk who runs the temple. After the memorable meditation session, they had lunch and attended the opening ceremony for their homestays, where they met all the families and were made to feel very welcome. The students then had the opportunity to go to their hosts' beautiful homes, where everyone had a great time taking part in activities such as cooking together and making chopsticks from bamboo.

ISL teacher Ashley Ault discusses Day 5's activities:

At the homestays’ closing ceremony we heard all about the wonderful host families and the many activities they enjoyed. After hearing how fantastic it was, I think I'll be making sure that we teachers get to take part next time too! After the ceremony, we all checked into our new inn and then attended a Taiko drumming workshop. It was so much fun! We were awarded with a performance after our own session and then headed outside to bang the giant drum...very satisfying! After drumming, we spent some time writing thank you letters to our families, followed by another delicious dinner. We then did some stargazing and got up close and personal with the moon. We had a relaxing onsen to close out the evening and we are ready for our last hike tomorrow.



Japan Trip 2024 - Update 2
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Japan Trip 2024 - Update 2
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