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Message from the MYP Student Council

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Hello ISL community,

As the Student Council, we would like to address the lack of a variety of activities in the bubbles once we return to school. Our phones and computers became the students' main source of entertainment and we would like to encourage other options when we get back in March.

We want to make lunch and breaks in the bubble fun and enjoyable, and so we need activities to encourage students to socialise more when not in the playground or park.

We think board games and card games would be a great way to enjoy lunchtime in the bubbles. After the recent winter holiday, you may have some unused games around the home, and we would be very grateful if you could look around and see whether any would be appropriate for students to play in the breaks.

They need to be games that are

·       quick to play

·       Easy to set up and put away.

·       Be robust enough for many students to enjoy.

Ideal donations would be games like packs of cards, Uno, Jenga, dominos etc.

Board game items












If you do have something appropriate, please place them in a bag and give them to your son/daughter to drop them off with their tutor.  Please do not leave them with the front office.

Thank you!

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