Mother Tongue Contribution to Service Learning

We went with Mother Tongue G9-10 Japanese, German, Icelandic, Finnish and Dutch to Gunnersbury Park to pick up litter as a contribution to Service Learning week. We were happy to see that the park was reasonablly clean and well-looked after by the community. Nevertheless we picked up a few bags of rubbish, mainly found at the foot and bicycle path around the park. Some of us have written some sentences about this experience:

"Es zeigt, dass man mit kleinen Dingen der Umwelt etwas Gutes tun kann" - Victoria

"Wir haben der Anwohnerschaft geholfen, indem wir ihren Park sauber gemacht haben"- Lia

“Laat een ander niet jouw werk doen. Ruim je eigen rommel op!”


"I was surprised that humans morals. There were lots of trash hidden by plants. I thought it meant there were premeditated. I doubt that people’s ethics." Mao

"We had service learning activity today. We went to park and collect some rubbish, which dumped in the park. It is very helpful to the community and it is a good experience of volunteering. When I collect some rubbish on the road, a man said to me “Thanks”. I was delighted. I would like to do this activity again".

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