MYP Student Government News

Our new Student Government has made a good start to the year, and meets weekly (or more often if required) to focus on matters of importance and interest to students. The composition of the MYP Student Government reflects the range of its engagement with different aspects of school life. Additional to the roles of President Vice-President, and Secretary, there are specific area-focused roles; this year we have student officers for events, service, sports, sustainability, communication, arts, nutrition, and a Treasurer who looks after the Student Government budget. We also have two Vice-Presidents, one of whom has a particular focus on our Student Ambassador transitions initiative, our other Vice-President  having a more general student governance remit. As reflected in its composition, the MYP Student Government works on a wide variety of areas during the course of the school year; it is currently reviewing our mobile phone policy, about which it will be making specific proposals as to how this can be evolved. Our MYP Student Government also has a teambuilding training day later this month, which we are looking forward to.

Max Hull

Head of Pastoral