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Our Contribution to Service Learning Week

Today we went with Mother Tongue G9-10 Japanese, German, Icelandic, Finnish and Dutch to Gunnersbury Park to pick up litter as a contribution to Service Learning week. We were happy to see that the park was reasonably clean and well looked after by the community. Nevertheless, we picked up a few bags of rubbish, mainly found at the foot and bicycle path around the park.

Some of our students have written some sentences about this experience:

Es zeigt, dass man mit kleinen Dingen der Umwelt etwas Gutes tun kann - Victoria

Wir haben der Anwohnerschaft geholfen, indem wir ihren Park sauber gemacht haben - Lia

This is my impressions about today’s trash pick-up. I was surprised that humans morals. There were lots of trash hidden by plants. I thought it meant there were premeditated. I doubt that people’s ethics - Mao

Japanese MT students collect rubbish in the park



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