‘Real-life’ interview experience for Grade 9

Grade 9 student at mock interview

This Friday morning (7 February) Grade 9 students were given a ‘real-life’ interview experience by an interviewer for a professional workplace role.

They were fortunate enough to be meet interviewers from a number of organisations such as Ferrovial, Swansea University, Mace Construction, LB Ealing Social Services and Grass Roots Forest school.

Each Grade 9 student was allocated 30 minutes to engage with, and receive feedback from, an interviewer to whom they had been allocated.

Our students were briefed beforehand on the importance of punctuality and personal presentation prior to an interview; they also brought with them a hard copy of their curriculum vitae, which they had prepared in our recent CV writing workshop.

Each Grade 9 discussed his/her achievements, skills and interests with their respective interviewer; it was clear from their feedback that they enjoyed meeting students with such international and diverse backgrounds, and hearing what they could offer a prospective employer. As can be seen in these pictures the interviews went very positively, proving a rewarding and fruitful experience for interviewees and interviewers alike.








Grade 9 student practices interview skills













Mock interviews for Grade 9