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Recycling bins at the Food Festival

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We are two students from Grade 4, and we would like to talk about a new initiative at the Food Festival on Saturday 21st May. One of our PTA members came up with the idea to have different bins for different waste items at the Food Festival. We would like to do this to help encourage people to recycle. This will make the environment cleaner. In the past, all the waste goes into one bin, so it makes it hard for staff and volunteers to organise the waste for recycling after the festival.

At the Food Festival, there will be three stations: one will be in the hall, another in the canteen and the last one will be in the playground. You will not have to go far to put your rubbish in the right place. You can focus on having a good time with your family and friends.

On Saturday 21st May there will be Grade 4 students on duty to remind you where to put your rubbish. They will tell you what bins to throw the rubbish in. By the end, we should have collected and organised a lot of rubbish.  It will be in the right place and ready for recycling. If there is nobody at the recycling stations, please look at the signs and you should be able to see where to put your rubbish. The three recycling options will be paper, plastic and food waste. We look forward to seeing you all at the Food Festival on Saturday.

- by Henri and Billy

Grade 4 recycling bins at the International Food Festival