Sustaining momentum

As we approach the half term break it seems appropriate to pass on encouragement to our G12 students, many of whom are feeling the strain of seemingly endless deadlines, essays, IA and EEs. Although it might not feel like it for some, these challenging times will end soon and these experiences are highly likely to provide an excellent foundation for future university courses. Before they end, however, there is still much to do and it’s important to maintain momentum for these final few months. It might also be sensible for students, during this half term and/or during their one-month revision period in April, to use the 888 method: 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 8 hours rest (and possibly limited play). This is a rough guide and is not necessarily appropriate for all students; however, a sustainable balance is, in my opinion, good advice.

On an unrelated note, G11 and G12 students engaged in an ‘Alcohol, substance use and sex’ workshop on Thursday, delivered by an external provider. Comments from both the presenter and students suggest the presentation and activities proved informative and thought-provoking and provided the space for open and honest discussions. Students described the activity as ‘very active and interactive’, ‘respectful’, ‘very positive’ and the presenter as having ‘good energy’ and (he will no doubt be pleased to hear) ‘really sweet’. The presenter also commented on the great atmosphere and behaviour from students and how impressed he was with their mature, honest and thoughtful contributions; perhaps not surprisingly, further evidence of the abundance of positive characteristics possessed by our students.

Have a great half-term break!

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