The Importance of CAS

IB Diploma Programme

CAS is a fundamental part of the IB curriculum whose significance is marked by its placement in the core. In practical terms this means that CAS is a passing condition of the IB Diploma. But moving away from the compulsory aspects of CAS, it is this well-rounded approach to education that is key to the IB’s philosophy; an education for life, not just the key to the next door. The experiences that students have as a result of entering into the CAS programme with enthusiasm and an open mind are often the ones that stay with them when the memories of algebra and Shakespeare begin to fade. On Wednesday night, it was a pleasure to meet many of the grade 11 parents to help provide them with the information that they needed in order to support their children with their CAS portfolios. For those who were unable to attend, here are some of the main points which were addressed. One of the major shifts in the approach to CAS over the last 5 years is to move away from it being quantitatively assessed. This means that CAS is not counted in hours or through any kind of point system. To meet the requirements of the CAS programme, students must participate in a range of experiences that relate to each strand of CAS (a minimum of 3 per strand.) CAS stands for Creativity, Activity and Service. Creativity is anything which is skills-based; Activity relates to participating in sport and Service is helping a cause of genuine need. In addition to this, students must be part of 1 CAS project, which is the pinnacle of the CAS programme. It is a chance for students to show genuine leadership skills and initiative. A CAS project is a collaborative process that needs to last a minimum of a month. An example from last year’s grade 12 is a group of students who ran an Italian class for beginners, as a way to share their passion for their language. CAS projects are varied in nature and are often the best way to showcase the broad range of interests that our diverse student body has. I look forward to hearing the new and exciting ideas from our current grade 11. If you have any questions about CAS, please feel free to e-mail me at

Klara Patterson

CAS Coordinator

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