Traditional vs Contemporary Art

On Tuesday 7th January the Grade 11 art students visited Tate Britain to explore the public collections - for inspiration and a possible starting point to the work they will make in the studio this term.

It was an opportunity to see both traditional art and contemporary art, to roam knowingly through large gallery spaces, and sit and draw from the real thing. They were also able to put into practice the four different ways of looking at art – and perhaps make their own conclusions.

Afterwards, we walked to The Saatchi Gallery, and entered the multi-media spectacle-exhibition of Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh. This was a complete contrast to Tate Britain, where we joined hundreds of exhibition goers, and entered the tomb-like darkness of treasure-fest viewing.

It was a chance to see original, culturally amazing artifacts made by hands from long ago, and possibly a chance to consider the logistics of curating such a display.


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