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Transforming ordinary objects through the power of poetry

Across the Globe

Grade 3 have been busy transforming into little Poets this unit.  They have created a 'Museum of Objects' in class and have been using their poets' eyes to transform these ordinary objects into something uniquely creative, through the power of poetry. 

The students have been writing lots of poems based on installations they visited like The Hive, The Water Lilly House, and The Tree Top Walkway during their recent trip to Kew Gardens.

Grade 3 students inside Hive installation in Kew Gardens

























Grade 3 students sitting on carpet in class with colourful 'poet's eyes' glasses on


























Grade 3 have been learning about how to plan for and prevent a crisis.  They were super excited to visit the Natural History Museum recently and watched a show on Earthquakes and Volcanoes.  They learnt about how Scientists study tectonic plate movement and use equipment such as a seismometer.  We had a great time in the earthquake simulator!

Grade 3 class line up at Natural History Museum


























Grade 3 class watch presentation at Natural History Museum