Yuletide decking

It has been excellent to see all the activity that has been going on in MYP in recent days. MYP's students' amazing Festival of Lights performance were such a highlight, but there has been so much else going on which has given us a special end to the term, such as the Sweete Shoppe that the PTA so kindly provided, and all the preparations for the Winter Fair. Our very seasonal activity that the MYP Student Government came up with is the 'Deck the Halls' initiative, or more accurately a decking of the doors; in this, each Tutor Group were invited to 'deck' (decorate) the door of their Tutor Group Room with yuletide, seasonal decorations. As can be seen in the photograph accompanying this article, some real flair and imagination was shown.

F15 Christmas door decorations


Whilst this activity was about celebrating the impending holiday season, it was all about participation, and what we can be achieved by working together, as our MYP Swimming Gala similarly showed this week. 

The spirit of of participation that we have in MYP not only 'decks our doors',  but has also given us a great end of term.