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International School of London


Our students remain key members of the ISL community even long after they have graduated.

Through our Alumni Programme, we continue to support ISL alumni in the next phase of their journey into further education and their careers, as well as keep them connected with the school, their teachers and fellow ISL students.

Existing ISL students also benefit from our Alumni Programme through various projects that connect them with our graduates, giving them a glimpse into life after ISL.

Digital Workshops

Our alumni coordinate digital workshops for DP College students on topics such as maximising their LinkedIn presence and CV writing. These workshops are based on students’ interests and requirements, urging them to think about their next steps after the IB Diploma.


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Mentorship Programme

The ISL Mentorship Programme gives DP College students a chance to learn from the experiences of our alumni, as well as introduce students to contacts who could help them through university and securing their first job.

Students are paired with alumni based on their educational and career interests, and are provided with an insight into different industries. They may also receive advice on applying to specific subjects at university and securing internships in their chosen field.

Careers Guidance

As part of 3-to-1 support at the College, in choosing futures students receive advice and guidance in making well-informed choices about their future education and careers. After initial orientation about where in the world to study, and how different university systems work globally, they then meet individually with a Higher Education guidance counsellor who supports them step by step in researching, shortlisting and applying to universities worldwide.  

Our Alumni

Graduates from ISL go on to study around the world and enjoy exciting and fulfilling career pathways. Meet some of our Alumni from the past few years below.

Hirosuke Shoji

Director of Business Development at Siiibo, a fintech start-up in Tokyo

Class of 2011

"I was fond of Linguistics and Mathematics at ISL. At the University of Edinburgh, I read Accounting and Finance with a plan of becoming an accountant or a consultant. After an internship at BlackRock, I've decided to pursue my career in finance. 5 years later, I now work as a founding member of a fintech start-up in Tokyo.

The one thing I've always kept in mind throughout my career is to follow what I'm most curious about. You really don't need to stick to 'the plan'. Instead, explore around and see what intrigues you the most."

Mathilda Della Torre

Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Class of 2013

"I always knew that I wanted to be an artist, I wanted to draw pictures and make beautiful things. This is what I went ahead to study and do, which I loved but I slowly realised that it didn’t fulfil me as much as I thought it would, and I realised also wanted to bring people together and to place marginalised voices at the centre of our stories. So here I am today, using my design practice to create and inspire positive social change. Conversations from Calais, my most recent project aims to do exactly this, by documenting conversations between volunteers and migrants met in Calais and sharing them with the world by pasting them on our cities’ walls.

Put kindness, hard work and humility in everything you do."

Théo Bourgery

Senior Policy Advisor, Trade in Financial Services

Class of 2012

"I always loved politics, and had the chance to focus my studies on policy-making, political science and economics. Working for a French MP after my undergraduate degree made me realise how much I loved developing policies that aimed to make people's lives better, and our societies a little fairer. I am now involved in Brexit negotiations, looking specifically at financial services and ensuring that UK consumers continue to be rightly protected now that the UK has left the EU.

Never stop yourself from asking a question - there is no better way to learn and show your interest."

Majed Osman

Professional Footballer, Al-Ramtha SC, Jordanian Pro League

Class of 2012

"Ever since I could remember I wanted to be a professional footballer. After attending university in the U.S. on a football scholarship I signed my first professional contract at the age of 25 in 2019. Although it's been brief so far I can't think of much better feelings than getting paid for something you would do for free.

My advice? Follow your passion. Enjoy the journey. Let the unknown excite you, not scare you, and always keep believing."