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Transforming ordinary objects through the power of poetry

Grade 3 have been busy transforming into little Poets this unit. They have created a 'Museum of Objects' in class and have been using their poets' eyes to transform these ordinary objects into something uniquely creative, through the power of poetry. 

The students have been writing lots of poems based on installations they visited like The Hive, The Water Lilly House, and The Tree Top Walkway during their recent trip to...

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Green recycling icon around earth

We are two students from Grade 4, and we would like to talk about a new initiative at the Food Festival on Saturday 21st May. One of our PTA members came up with the idea to have different bins for different waste items at the Food Festival. We would like to do this to help encourage people to recycle. This will make the environment cleaner. In the past, all the waste goes into one bin, so it makes it hard for staff and volunteers to organise the waste for recycling after the festival.

At the Food Festival, there will be three stations: one will be in the hall, another in the canteen and the last one will be in the playground. You will not have to go far to put your rubbish in the right place. You can focus on having a good time with your family and friends.

On Saturday 21st May there will be Grade 4 students on duty to remind you where to put your rubbish. They will tell you what bins to throw the rubbish in. By the end, we should have collected and organised a lot of rubbish.  It will be in the right place and ready...

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Grade 2 visit the Steam and Water Museum and Thames riverside

Grade 2 have enjoyed heading out to view our local area and find out more about the importance of water as part of our inquiry into Sharing The Planet!

We attended an awesome day out at the London Steam and Water Museum. We learned how to filtrate water and found out about the history of water in London. 

Grade 2 then went back down to Kew Bridge and observed the river right up close! We looked at how people use the river and went searching for...

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An exploration of ancient Greek myths at The British Museum

This week, the Dutch, German, Greek, Italian and Polish Language & Literature classes visited the British Museum as part of their Mythology unit. The students explored how the ancient Greek myths were represented in pottery and the statues of the Parthenon. Through observation-based activities and interactive tasks, the students inquired into the symbols behind the myths and their importance in...

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Grade 5 Basketball Team

Grade 5 recently attended the Hounslow Borough Basketball 3 vs 3 Basketball Tournament. There were over 20 teams competing to represent the Borough in the London Youth Games, needless to say, the competition was intense. Our first game was against Strand Juniors, a school we have a long-standing rivalry with through football tournaments, and thanks to a last-minute basket from Jesse we won the game. Our next match was a tight match against Edward Pauling School which, due to tight defence from Amit and Cooper, resulted in a draw. Unfortunately, we came up against a team on fire in Alexandria School in our next match and, despite an opening basket from Sophia, we ended up losing the game. Our final game was against St Mary's Chiswick and baskets from Amit and Sophia helped us draw to end up joint second in our...

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Polish MT students explore Slavic traditions and rituals

Before the spring break, Polish MT students inquired into different aspects of Slavic civilisations and explored some of Slavic traditions and rituals, such as rituals of welcoming spring. It is an old Slavic tradition to create a doll using straw and sticks representing spring, and carry it in a small procession, and welcoming spring. A group of Polish MT students worked collaboratively on creating a doll, representing the Slavic mythological goddess Marzanna and carried it to the park to welcome spring. On this occasion, we also explored some Polish Easter traditions, such as...

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Happy Mother's Day!

21st of March is the first day of the spring season as well as Mother's Day in the Middle Eastern culture. Dedicated to our beautiful mothers, our students studied Arabic poems and songs expressing their love and gratitude towards their mothers. As a tribute to their mother, our students learnt and sang Arabic songs. We also used this time to reflect on the beautiful memories and how to appreciate someone so...

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National Gallery visit

Tuesday 22nd of March, from 10:00 to 15:30, the Grade 9 and 10 Spanish Language and Literature & Language Acquisition students went to London National Gallery in Trafalgar Square to analyse and enjoy in person some paintings they chose about mythology. After a productive...

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Grade 2's Museum of Artefacts

Grade 2 enjoyed visiting a Museum of artefacts which started off our new unit of inquiry. We observed lots of items and images and began to predict what our unit might be about.

We thought it might have something to do with past, present and time. Some people even thought ancient things. We are excited to...

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Grade 6 students share their experiences of Grade 5 Exhibition

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming the Grade 6's into our classrooms to discuss their experiences within their Exhibition journeys last year. As we were settling into our introduction of Exhibition, this was a great opportunity for the Grade 5's to listen directly from kids who recently went through it. 

We were impressed by the Grade 6 students who prepared themselves for such a presentation and did an amazing job. 

They spoke clearly and candidly about it all! Afterwards, we had an additional question and answer session, and the...

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