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Message from the MYP Student Council

Hello ISL community,

As the Student Council, we would like to address the lack of a variety of activities in the bubbles once we return to school. Our phones and computers became the students' main source of entertainment and we would like to encourage other options when we get back in March.

We want to make lunch and breaks in the bubble fun and enjoyable, and so we need activities to encourage students to socialise more when not in the playground or park.

We think board games and card games would be a great way to enjoy lunchtime in the bubbles. After the recent winter holiday, you may have some unused games around the home, and we would be very grateful if you could look around and see whether any would be appropriate for students to play in the breaks...

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Matilda book illustration

This week in our Research Skills lessons, PYP students have been finishing off their summarisation unit. Our grade 5 students are also getting ready to begin their exhibition preparation after the holiday, putting all of their research skills to good use.

Grade 2, to much excitement, has started reading Matilda as part of their library lesson! Our students have been learning new vocabulary through...

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Latest from the Research Institute

This week our researchers have contacted 24 students who fit the profile of those we wish to interview and have managed to secure their first 5 participants. Ms Clare is handling all student data and communications at this stage in order that no students are identified by our team of researchers until they have agreed to take part in our research and signed the consent form. We are still awaiting some responses and hope to increase the number of students that we will interview by the end of the week. In the meantime, we have sent out our information sheet and consent form to those who have already agreed to take part and we are now revisiting and finalising our...

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An exciting journey into Marketing

The social impact communication's class welcomed Head of Marketing, Richard Dudley, to speak to them about all of his marketing expertise. The class is learning how to navigate the complex world of start-ups and about the importance of marketing while gearing up to launch their 'sponsor a device' initiative. Watch this space to follow our exciting journey.

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Justice for Grenfell logo

If you were to consider the set of skills you’d like to have when graduating from school, I’m sure that somewhere amongst would be the ability to bring a larger, long-term goal to fruition. A goal that is sufficiently challenging enough to require you to work well with others, displaying both strong communication and leadership skills. A goal that you can take ownership of, planning out every single stage from inception to completion, and tackling any difficulties that arise head-on. The CAS project requires all of these skills from students and is the peak of every IB Diploma student’s CAS portfolio.

The grade 11s were introduced to the requirements of the CAS project at the beginning of January and they have now submitted a broad range of exciting project proposals. CAS combines many of the elements of Service Learning in the MYP and the skills required in the Personal Project. It is important that there is a strong level of student agency in the selection of these projects so that the students feel invested in their goal. The project requires students to work in a group; it must last a minimum of one month and lastly, students must show that...

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Extended Essay lunchtime seminars

With a very busy half term for G12 students, the EE begins to seem like a memory after their final submissions and Viva voce meetings which took place throughout last week. This will allow us to resume the lunchtime EE seminars which started last term with a very successful kick-off from David with his interesting History question on how much was De Gaulle involved in the time it took Britain to join the EEC! Our dedicated G12 students will resume the lunchtime seminars every Tuesday after the half-term break to share their findings with the rest of the college community. This will allow them to improve their communication skills as well as...

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Stage microphone

This week, Grade 10 students participated in Live Storytelling as part of the unit ‘From Maus to Night – Personal Histories’. Students prepared a story of their own based on their experience. Storytelling is an important part of humanity. You do not have to write a book to tell your story though! Our students’ live storytelling was moving and entertaining! The rules of Live Storytelling are to speak for 5-6 mins without notes to the audience and to tell a true story about oneself!

Sebastian was encouraged by his cousins in Columbia to go zip-wiring between two mountains. It was terrifying to start with, but he enjoyed this thrilling experience! He is no longer afraid of...

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Shakekspeare's Globe Theatre

Students are pursuing their exploration of Shakespeare and we were delighted to watch their famous Shakespeare’s Monologues as part of the Festival of Light 2020. This week they have been on an online tour of the world-renowned  Globe Theatre, famously reconstructed in 1997 on the site of its original location. The students have discovered where the Bard used to write and perform some of the world's most famous plays. As part of their discoveries, they had to draw...

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Voices of the voiceless

Grade 9 Performing Arts have been finding out what it was like to live in the USSR in the time of Russian composer Dmitri Shoshtakovich, as part of their Voices of the Voiceless Unit. This week they heard powerful, personal testimony from Mr Toth of his family's life in Hungary during that time. A huge debt of thanks to him for sharing this personal experience and bringing it to life so directly for the students.

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Microscopic image of white and red blood cells

To finish off the Cells unit of work, students are enjoying working together in small groups on teams. Each group is doing research to answer the debatable question: “Are cells trouble makers or problem solvers?” Each group must focus on one cell that solves or creates a problem for humans or for the planet and give details about it and how it works and what forms and functions help it do its job and how scientists solve the issue created by this cell or use this cell to solve issues.  This task aims to strengthen research skills and...

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Exploring forces in our Grade 2 unit of inquiry

Grade 2 are tuning in to our new unit of inquiry: How The World Works. We have been busy exploring all things FORCES and have been able to identify things can can be pushed and pulled around our homes. We are learning to write like scientists and observed Miss Day have a go at some experiments from home. Some of us then tried to replicate them as well! We are loving sharing our observations with one another on Seesaw.

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Meet our Academic Leadership

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Meet our Experts in Their Field

As well as being first class teachers, mentors and leaders, our faculty also consists of a number of published authors and co-authors of IB textbooks.