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International School of London

Personalised Learning

At ISL, we understand that all students are individuals and learn differently.They shape the direction of their learning so it aligns with their interests, passions, and strengths. We understand that our students bring rich, complex and nuanced global experiences to the school.We use these experiences to drive learning, which incorporates and considers their different global perspectives. 

The role of our teachers at ISL is to enable every student to find their most challenging and rewarding pathway in a holistic framework. To support our students in this process, we use assessment not as an end, but as a tool to help students learn better. Our teachers are experienced guides that develop students into well-informed, independently minded decision-makers.  

Personalised Learning Projects

In this example of how students take control of their own learning pathway; students are learning in a "start-up" environment and have launched their investigations around an issue that they are passionate about. Student-nominated leaders have delegated tasks to the team. Each member of the team is creating goals and deadlines that they feel are manageable, and come together to prioritise tasks and display them on their 'Timeline for Change'. Students rotate roles and then apply and interview for the position on the team that they feel they are best suited for.


What does that look like in practice?

In Primary School, children choose their literacy pathways; for example, as writers, they learn skills and techniques of real-life authors and apply them to writing topics of their own choice. 

In Secondary Mathematics classrooms, students investigate mathematical concepts through concrete projects that they design, and are based on their interests. In the Individual & Societies (Humanities) classroom, students run their own social enterprise initiatives.

Our renowned Research Institute allows students to devise their own research project that is aligned with post graduate research experience in consultation with a university mentor. 

Meet our Academic Leadership Team

Over the years our staff have inspired and supported hundreds of students in their journey from early years to university.  

Meet the academic leaders who guide this progression here.