Experts In Their Field

As well as being first class teachers, mentors and leaders, amongst our faculty we have a number of published authors and co-authors of IB textbooks. Here are some experts in their field we are privileged to have at ISL; providing the highest quality education and thought-leadership.

El Kahina Meziane - Sciences MYP 4-5

Kahina is the co-author for the Biology content of the Hodder MYP by Concept 4&5 Sciences as well as the author of the accompanying online material. This is the first published curriculum work by Kahina since she joined ISL and the IB education system 4 years ago.

Kahina has previously published many scientific papers in her fields of work during her previous years as a scientist at the universities of Manchester and Cambridge for 15 years.

English B

Hyun Jung co-authored the IB Diploma English B course book in which she wrote practice exercises that cover listening, speaking, reading and writing areas. The book is designed to empower students to communicate confidently by exploring the five prescribed themes through authentic texts and skills practice at the right level, delivered in clear learning pathways. 

Hyun Jung also wrote the English B for the IB Diploma Grammar and Skills workbook which is designed to ensure structured language practice through comprehensive coverage of all IB grammar points and in-depth practice of core reading and writing skills based around the main text types.

  • English B
Louise Harrison - Geography MYP 4-5

Louise has been involved in co-writing the Hodder MYP by Concept Geography textbook, which was released at the end of May 2019. Louise has also co-authored the online work for all Hodder's MYP by concept Individuals and Societies and Geography books.

Louise continues to develop the online materials, and is planning on working on the Geography textbook in anticipation of the second edition.

  • Geography
Paul Morris - MYP by Concept: Sciences

For the past two decades, Paul has worked with IBO Publications on a series of Middle Years Programme (MYP) workbooks called MYP Inquire, MYP Assess, MYP Concepts and MYP Contexts.

In 2014, Paul worked with Hodder Education to develop a series of texts designed for the MYP - called MYP by Concept, which were developed and published in collaboration with the IBO.

Paul is still producing titles in the MYP by Concept series and preparing for second editions, as well as working on two new writing projects.

  • Physics
Radia Chibani - Sciences MYP 4&5

Radia is a co-author of the recently published MYP by Concept 4&5 Sciences (Published in June 2018). Radia worked with fellow ISL Science Teacher, El Kahina Meziane, on the Biology content of the book and participated in the design of its units that integrated concepts from Physics, Biology and Chemistry under the carefully selected global contexts.

Each chapter of the book is a complete unit with formative and summative assessments linked to ATL skills and authentic “take action” projects/activities to encourage service-learning. 

  • Sciences