Graduation Ceremony - ISL graduate giving a speech

No matter how long you were at ISL or how much time has passed since you left us, we consider you to be very important members of the ISL family. Much of our school's great history belongs to you, and we wish to encourage and develop the special bond that you have to the school, teachers, and your classmates and friends.

Whether it's paying a personal visit, attending one of our planned Alumni Reunions, or simply gathering with former classmates in some other corner of the world, we appreciate your efforts in helping to keep the name and memories of ISL burning brightly.

All former students, parents and staff members are part of ISL’s ever-growing Alumni community.


Beyond the IB diploma

We work individually with every IB diploma student, helping to guide and advise them on choosing and applying for university. ISL students typically attain their first choice of university and they’re studying at, or have graduated from, universities in all parts of the world.

In the past few years, ISL’s IB diploma students have continued to such universities as the University of Oxford, Tokyo Science University, University College London, Keio University, King's College London, Imperial College and University of Chicago.

ISL has an active and growing alumni network. To find out more, contact the ISL Alumni Officer